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"This exhibition went through many stages to reach the final concept. As time went by I realised the best way to transmit my message was through the concept of the game;

with the game being an allegory and a mirror of the psyche of each work.

The exhibition being squared, has four sides: the game, contradiction, color and the motif of the square itself.

That can be seen in many of the works, such as the pair of sumos on stilts (altitudes). 2 heavy figures in a double game, fighting each other while delicately fighting to remain on that altitude.

In these hard times, it feels like the artist’s duty to create works that indulge the viewers into a world of fun and give the spark to kickstart their fantasy, and that was my ultimate goal with this exhibition."


Opening 6th February 12:00

open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 6th Feb to 21st Feb

Ålgården Konstnärernas Galleri

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